This collection contains RNA sequencing data related to transcriptomes of lymphoblastoid cell lines derived from 41 individuals in the Human Genome Diversity Panel (HGDP). The populations sampled include Mbuti of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Algerian Mozabites, Pathan of Pakistan, Cambodians of East Asia, Yakut of Siberia, and Mayans of Mexico. Further information is available in the publication by Martin et al..

Please see the accompanying Data Reuse policy with regard to this data and cite the publication mentioned above. Details can be found in README_HGDP_transcriptome_datareuse_statement.

Cell lines

The data in this collection is from cell lines of seven Mbuti, seven Mozabites, seven Pathan, seven Cambodians, six Yakut, and seven Mayans from the Human Genome Diversity Panel.


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