Complete Genomics Data Release

2013-07-26 00:00:00 +0100

The CG data for 427 samples are available now at:

Of the 427 samples, 6 samples of the PUR trio and KHV trio were sequenced in both blood and LCL thus the total count of datasets is 433.

CG BAMs, VCFs and tar files can be found under subdirectory NAxxxxxx/cg_data; these files are listed in an index file:

The reference data came along with the CG data can be found under subdirectory NAxxxxxx/cg_data/REF_[LCL Blood Buffy]; an index file is put together to summarise the reference files:

We also un-tar the tar ball and put the files under NAxxxxxx/cg_data/ASM_[lcl blood buffy]; the untarred files are listed in the following index file: