We have an extensive set of Frequently Asked Questions which may have the information you are looking for. Please take a look to see if they answer your question.

Downloading data

Information on options for downloading data from our resources can be found on the data page.

Data formats

Genomics data is typically provided in one of a set of standard formats. We have information on the most common formats that our data is provided in.

Understanding the data collections

Most of our data collections have accompanying publications that provide detailed information on the data and associated analysis. These are listed in our portal.

Updates to IGSR

We announce significant changes on this website. You can also find a change log, listing file updates to our FTP site.

IGSR can be found on Twitter at @1000genomes

New to genomics?

If you are new to the area of genomics, the Your Genome resource provided by the Wellcome Sanger Institute gives an introduction.

Contact us

Please direct any questions about IGSR or the 1000 Genomes Project to info@1000genomes.org.

IGSR is based at EMBL-EBI. Further contact details are available at the EMBL-EBI contacts page.