New annotation files for pilot data

2009-11-10 00:00:00 +0000

New annotation files to be used in the analysis of the pilot projet have been added to the FTP site. These files include

  • Phastcons regions of conservation, conserved_noncoding_phastcons_17way.txt.gz This is a set of phastcon non coding conserved regions
  • Uniqueness of the genome, hs36_uniqueness_mask.fa.gz, This is a fasta like file with a rating for how unique each postion of the genome is. The associated readme explains the meaning of each score
  • Genetic map and Recombination hotspots, genetic_map_b36.tar.gz, Genetic map for the 22 autosomes and a recombination hotspot file

A full list of the annotation can be found on the annotation wiki page.

Data access links: EBI / NCBI

Link to further information: Changelog.