Release of 1000 Genomes main project reference genome

2009-10-12 00:00:00 +0100

The reference genome to be used for the main project is GRCh37 and the files to be used for alignment in the main project are now available. The procedure for creating the reference genome is:

1. Download individual chrs for the GRCh37 assembly from Ensembl: FTP site

2. Download the newer version of the MT (NC_012920): Data link

3. Create a reference with chrs1-22, X, Y, NC_012920 MT, and include the non-chromosomal supercontigs.

Links to data: EBI / NCBI

The pilot project reference genome (based on NCBI build 36) remains available in the retired_reference directory on the FTP site.

Link to additional information: Changelog (file locations)