Where are your variant files located?

Our variant files are released via our release directory in directories named for the sequence index freeze they are based on.

You may find information about the final 1000 Genomes release in contained in 20130502 and is described in where is your most recent release?

A stable earlier release based on 1092 unrelated samples is phase 1 data release, it can be found under phase1/analysis_results/integrated_call_sets. The phase 1 data set contains information on all autosomes and chrX, Y and chrMT. The phase 1 publication is based on this data set.

The pilot release represents results obtained in the three pilot studies of the project (low coverage, high coverage trios and exome). The release data can be found at here. The publication about the findings of pilot studies is in this pdf.

You may also find variant files in our technical/working directory but please be aware these are experimental files which represent a work in progress and should always be treated with caution

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